Nonprofits Going Mobile

After my last blog on the status of 66 charities focused in Tanzania the last thing on my mind was finding a Mobile App. After all, many nonprofits seem to be struggling with maintaining a website and keeping news/ blogs regular. But here I am and what an exciting one I have found for you to take for a test drive!

I was reading How to Build a Mobile Website and looking at the top 30 mobile sites, my eyes were glassing over and I was thinking what nonprofit under a $10 million budget could ever consider this? Then I found a press release from Linxter  describing an April 2012 release for a new social network designed for nonprofits. 

The release is AllAware a new mobile private social network app designed for nonprofits. This app appears to be built simple for the overextended staff and volunteers of a nonprofit to build a private social media site. It features:

  • Profile of Organization
  • Events & Meetings: Yes a central calendar for your nonprofit! Plus you can set up people to see either events or meetings or both;
  • News: The news site can be set up as a link to your website or blog so there is no extra work and best of all it is free; future versious are also expected to allow pushing information from this app back to otheres such as a blog.
  • Chats: A place for members to do message posting with pictures and video;
  • Donations: An organization can accept on-line donations linked through Paypal, well this may not be free $10/ month to Linxter and a small percentage to Paypal. Future versions are also expected to handle reoccuring donation and event fees or tickets, showing that Linxter is committed to continued development of the app.
  • Members/ Contacts: The organization has the option to auto accept new members or set up for manual approval. A member directory is available within the social network of your nonprofit site, again photos and you can highlight staff and board for members to identify.
  • Administration: A table that allows you to link people only to what they are interested in: events, meetings, news, chats, donations, membership and administration and to also follow donation levels. An administrator can also send out e-mails or text messages directly to members for a small fee.

I was so interested I took a test drive, see options at the bottom of the linked page, the ride was great!

The App is a new one and I recommend starting slow with the free social sharing first so see how many of your following wants a mobile option. Let your supporters know about the App and see who joins, once you have it set up you can consider a campaign for expanding to a new group or just see what percent opt in from fundraising activities to stay in touch. The demonstration was great and the people of allAware are very helpful and easy to talk to so start there!


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One Response to Nonprofits Going Mobile

  1. rieskebiz says:

    Way cool to learn about this since most of my work is with non-profit organizations or community coalitions I am going to look into this more to see how some of my community groups could utilize it. Thanks!

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